Gotchas when using AWS RDS command line tools

Say you installed the rds command line tools and wanted to create a db instance:

rds-create-db-instance my_dbinstance \
--engine mysql5.1 \
--master-username root \
--master-user-password - \
--allocated-storage 5 \
--db-instance-class db.m1.small \
--db-name blog

Issue 1
rds-create-db-instance: Malformed input-No Credentials were provided – cannot access the service

You probably didn’t have your credentials set in the credential file. If you did, then you probably forgot to add your AWS_CREDENTIAL_FILE location to your environment.

export AWS_CREDENTIAL_FILE=$AWS_RDS_HOME/<location of credential file>

Issue 2
rds-create-db-instance: Malformed input-The parameter DBInstanceIdentifier is not a valid identifier. Identifiers must begin with a letter; must contain only ASCII letters, digits,
and hyphens; and must not end with a hyphen or contain two consecutive hyphens.

I had an underscore in my DBInstanceIdentifier. Underscores are not valid characters.


rds-create-db-instance my_dbinstance \


rds-create-db-instance mydbinstance \


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